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"From The Desk of." C. H. Waters - Editor and Publisher


Pandora's box

Pandora's box refers to the container opened by the Greek mythological woman Pandora releasing all the evils of humanity into the world.


Has It Finally Happened?

From My Perspective, It Sure as Hell Looks Like It.!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!" (1a) 


There's an acronym in the military known as "SNAFU" which translates as "Situation Normal - All Fouled Up!"


"Fooled Me Once, Shame On You. Fooled Me Twice, Shame On Me.!"


Lawless, Power Hungry, Devious, Arrogant, Greedy Humans, ("Greed, is Good", according

to Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street), seem to be coming out of the woodwork everywhere.  Look at America, we are saddled with a President that without a doubt is the biggest and most Despicable Bastard (1) and Horses Ass, that speaks out of both ends of his body, to ever hold the office of President. Regardless of which end the political lies and hot air come from, it is all just doublespeak intended to placate the Élite Socialist Left and confuse the Low Information Voters that elected him in the first place.


Lies, Lies and more Lies, with or without a teleprompter whenever Obama's lips actually move, you can damn well expect that the rhetoric is just more Bovine Feces. Remember, "If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it" (2), the risk of a widespread Ebola outbreak in the United States is "Very, Very Low". (3), Obama: "No Boots on the Ground." (4), Obama promised to run the most transparent White House in history. (5), Obama Vowed to Shut Down Guantanamo Bay (6).  The previous mentioned examples are but a few of the  voluminous blizzard of lies (7) that have poured forth from our President-and-Traitor's mouth since 2009. The list of treasonous behavior by Obama and the complicity by his cadre of Cabinet Czars and Political Appointees is way beyond what anyone expected

by his "Hope and Change" Bull Excrement during both election campaigns. (8a thru 8j)


Turn on the radio and listen to any national talk show, turn on the television (cable or local) and you're bombarded with gloom and doom headlines both national and local with each new story more disastrous than the last. I'm sure that you, like most Americans, are bewildered as to just what the hell has caused the world to become such a perilous place in which to live. A surreal "Hell On Earth" if you will.!  The blame for the current state of world affairs can be laid on the doorstep of morally corrupt governments and individuals. Try and think of any place on earth that isn't experiencing war, pestilence, famine, plague or death.


The Main Stream Media (9) doesn't seem to know which story is the correct headline to posted on the internet, i.e. Ebola isn't a threat to U.S., next headline Ebola Patient dies in Texas. With the exception perhaps of one or two MSM sources, most don't post stories related to the continuing bullshit lies that Obama and his entire administration continue

to pump out.



We as a nation, are bombarded on a daily basis, with mostly bad news. Pick any day of the week and you'll hear, see, or read about the latest horrors being committed in the Middle East, another robbery somewhere, a new confrontation between police and rioters, child molestations and victims of rape, our loss of freedoms, intrusions into our very personal lives by the government, another murder, another suicide, current and former military that are being vilified because of their devotion to God and Country, illegal immigrants crossing our borders, an onslaught of communicable diseases, Hispanic gangs that bring with them drugs and crime, Atheists intent on removing God from everything and everywhere, Muslims demanding more and more religious privileges and a government hell bent on destroying any vestige of our great nation. I could go on with more examples of the disgusting cesspool that we as a nation have become!  Hopefully, you are now  beginning to understand where I'm coming from!  Let's Take Back Our Country.!


We are like children lost in the wilderness. This nation needs to return to the principles of our Founding Fathers, and a Rededication to GOD!  A Good place to start is by getting involved in your local community's political organization.  Don't Be A Bystander !.




Footnote (1): Bastard - A child with parents that are not married to each other, also derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine; something irregular, inferior or of dubious origin.

Footnote (1a): ~ Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832), Marmion, A Tale of Flodden Field.

Footnote (2): Obama pitching Obamacare.

Footnote (3): Obama: Risk of Widespread US Ebola Outbreak 'Very, Very Low' 
Footnote (4): President to Send 1,500 More Troops to Iraq.
  So much for the Special Forces Troops

now on the ground training Iraq's military, or the troops alreday stationed in Bagdad.

Footnote (5): Barack Obama Promised to run the Most Transparent White House in history.

Footnote (5A): Barack Obama's Deceptiveness, chicanery, secrecy, obfuscation, and hidden records
Footnote (6): Five Years After Obama Vowed to
Shut It Down, Guantanamo Bay Remains Open.

Footnote (7): Obama’s "Blizzard of Lies."

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Footnote (8a): In his own words: Barack Obama on Christianity and Islam.

Footnote (8b): Obama’s Never-Ending Defense Of Islam Ensures More Bombing Attacks.

Footnote (8c): Obama to CBN News: We're no Longer Just a Christian Nation.

Footnote (8d): "Scathing List of Obama’s Accomplishments as First Black President."

Footnote (8e): Behind Enemy Lines

Footnote (8f): Sex Jihad

Footnote (8g): Churches Under Threat

Footnote (8h): The Obama Mosque

Footnote (8j): The Gun Harpies

Footnote (9): News Media Bias in President Obama's Favor

Footnote (9A): The Four Horsemen Part 1

Footnote (9A): The Four Horsemen Part II

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