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Is It Orwellian

Technology ?



From: "Thumper"
To: "Undisclosed Recipients"
Subject: Why GM's OnStar Technology is a Threat to the Freedom of Americans
Date: Friday, May 30, 2008 11:06:38 AM


This is another piece from a friend of mine in Nashville. I think he does a lot of thinking about our problems. Here's something you won't hear about in the mainstream news media. In fact, most Americans aren't smart enough to add 2+2 and put the pieces of the puzzle together. What I am about to tell you isn't from a crystal ball, it's simply a matter of connecting the dots. ~JLR~


Perhaps you've heard of the wonderful technology known as the Global Position System (GPS). We can use it to pinpoint our exact location. GM touts it as a "security" tracking system. http://www.onstar.com/us_english/jsp/ovd/index.jsp  Or, "Big Brother" can use the GPS in our cell phones and automobiles to pinpoint our exact location.


GM also installs new "black boxes" in automobiles for "accident reconstruction" data. http://www.autoblog.com/2006/08/07/nhtsa-creating-universal-standard-for-automotive

-black-box/, These are being require by the National Highway Safety Administration (a government agency);




Perhaps you've heard of another wonderful technology on the commercial market called OnStar by General Motors. This system is so advanced now that GM can use the technology to assess the engine and powertrain performance of GM vehicles. They tout it as a method to help the consumer keep track of when the car needs routing maintenance. It's called the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostic Performance System. http://www.goodwrench.com/Services/OnStar.jsp


GM is advertising and bragging that it can sent the owner an email telling them about their vehicle's performance. Guess who else can access this data? Sure, the concept sounds like a neat idea, but are folks really thinking about what's going on here? Remember George Orwell's book 1984?


In the Europe, the EU is about to issue "Personal Carbon Credit Cards". In other words, when one fills up at the pump, they have to first swipe the government issued card at the pump. If they've not exceeded their personal "carbon footprint", they will be allowed to pump petrol into the car. If they have exceeded their government set limit, they must either buy more carbon credits, or they don't get to drive.


Of course, our own Congress is likely to pass such a law here. In fact, next week, Congress will debate the Lieberman-Warner Climate Change Bill which if passed will impose such restrictions on "carbon footprints" in the United States. (see references). If the U.S. doesn't do this on its' own, the United Nations will eventually mandate it as International Law.


Yes, we already have emissions testing mandated in some larger cities. But the GM technology simply makes it easier for Big Brother to determine the carbon footprint of every vehicle in America. [And don't think for a moment that the EPA isn't already using technology to monitor the "carbon footprint" of industry and individuals in the U.S. This technology, using the same principles as Thermal Infrared Technology is deployed on aircraft throughout the United States, including the Predator unmanned aircraft.]


And so, why does OnStar present a threat to us? It's the technology. Yes, Big Brother will be able to mandate the installation of such technology in all vehicles in the U.S. With this technology, Big Brother can then determine if our vehicles meet the standards it decides should be set in the name of "Global Warming". If it doesn't, well Big Brother simply disables the vehicle. And with the GPS, well, Big Brother then knows where to find the vehicle to confiscate it.


Technology is great, isn't it? Or is it?


Here's another thing to consider: Utilities are rapidly installing computerized systems which send usage and billing data via a computer to the utility company. In theory, this would be used to monitor "peak usage" and plan for the utility to buy electricity and natural gas to meet the needs. The system will also eliminate the need for the "meter reader" and the billing will be completed by the automated computer system. It sounds like good business sense. Yet, one must consider whether the real intent is to monitor the "carbon footprint" of the household or business by energy consumption. What happens when one exceeds his/her limit for the month? They (the government run utilities) do have the power to turn off the utilities don't they?


And finally: What business is Al Gore in now? Of course, he's in the business of issuing and trading carbon credits. The real Inconvenient Truth.


As for that petrol we need to run the cars in the U.S., well, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D) of California already told us of the plans publicly last week: a "socialization" or "government take over of the oil companies". (In her own words).


And so you're thinking: "This can never happen in America". I guess most Americans thought the same way about the 9/11 attacks too didn't they?


Don't say I didn't tell you.


J. Landon Reynolds
May 30, 2008



EU Carbon Credit Program:



Lieberman-Warner Climate Change Plan: 



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