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".America...Goin' To Hell In A Handbasket.! "

An Editorial By C. H. Waters

Managing Editor WatersWorld



Nestled securely behind their walls of ignorance, stupidity and apathy, millions of 
Obama's faithful followers drink the Cool-Aid time and time again.
Concerned only with what the government can offer them in the way of free handouts, they not only vote, but unfortunately the reproduce this nation's next generation of freeloading Democratic voters!


Obama's administration, consisting of countless numbers of liberal minded, progressive socialists answerable only to Obama, and not the electorate, is whole heartedly in sync with an agenda postulated on the Marxist / Socialist philosophy. 


Following a carefully scripted Communist / Socialist agenda for the destruction of America, Obama has time and again violated and exceeded his authority as specified in the United States Constitution. Executive orders that sidestep both Congress and The Rule of Law, emanate from the White House oval office, almost on a daily basis, further infringing the rights of this country's citizens while fomenting uncertainty among the general populace.


Using coercion, political tactics befitting the alleyways and back streets of gangland Chicago at the height of the Depression, and a persona intended to beguile, Obama and this administration are leading this country down the garden path to eventual destruction! Factors and circumstances resulting in our current and future situation are escalating at an ever faster and unfathomable manner. The following encroachments to our freedom and liberty are provided as in insight into the abysmal depth that this country has fallen. . .


  • Governmental / Political Appointments based on cronyism.

  • Presidential High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  • Treasonous Acts - Aid and Comfort  to Enemy Countries and Forces.

  • A Foreign Policy That Aids and Funds Terrorist Organizations.

  • A Non-Existent War On Terrorism.

  • Obama's Executitive Orders that bypass Congress.

  • A Stagnant Economy with continued High Unemployment.

  • An Immigration Policy that defies logic.

  • Immigration Laws already on the books that are flagrantly disregarded.

  • Excessive / Wasteful Spending - Unnecessary Federal Programs, Numerous Costly Personal and Family Vacations at taxpayer expense.

  • Government Departments Violating "Freedom Of Information" Act.

  • DOJ unwarranted prosecutions of "Legal Citizens"

  • Governmental Corruption At All Levels - Federal, State and Local.

  • Government Bailouts - Private Sector Companies (Wind and Solar firms now gone bankrupt.)

  • Political Correctness Jeopardizing Freedom of Speech - 1st Amendment Rights.

  • Outright Contempt For and Destruction Of The "Constitution and "Bill of Rights"

  • Non-Congressional Approved Governmental Appointments.

  • Secretive Spying On American Citizens by the IRS, FBI, CIA and NSA.

  • Obamacare and the CORE School Curriculum!

  • Government's Contemptible Intrusion Into All Levels Of Public Education.

  • Increasing Inappropriate Law Enforcement Intrusions and Abuse, State, local and Federal.

  • Militarization of law enforcement, and outright Police Brutality.

  • ? ? ?

And The List Goes On And On. . .

The above Are but a few of the Daily News Headlines You'll Find

On Any Non-Main Stream Media News Source.


Quite frankly, I feel Impeachment is too lenient for Obama and he should be removed from office either in a manner similar to a former Teamsters Union President... "Draw your own conclusion", or else arrested as an illegal Domestic Terrorist and deported back to his Birthplace in Africa.

C. H. Waters - Editor and Publisher


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"Hell In A Handbasket"


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You've Got to Be Shittin' Me..."Stupid Is As Stupid Does"

New petition gives Obama Immunity for Treasonous Crimes.

People endorse free pass for president.

Posted By WND: July 22nd, 2013


Along With This Thoughtless Tripe As Well. . .

Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition For

Mandatory Euthanasia” Of Seniors.

Posted By Western Center For Journalism: August 1, 2013


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Colorado artist Dave Merrick provides the Defining Moment in the State of America 2012


"Coming Soon To A Community Near You!"

"Doesn't RED Usually Indicate A Negative Balance?"


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"The Unholy Trinity!"

The false Utopian claim that Communism / Socialism will eventually “feed all the people” and eliminate hunger from the world is the seemingly moral bait that draws in the young, the idealistic, the naive and the inexperienced. Communism does not exist, and Socialism is among the most closed, menacing, inhospitable, uncharitable and impoverishing government systems in existence.


Marxism, like Islam, is so antagonistic to the American
Constitution as to render them mutually exclusive ideas 
and ideals. One may serve Marxism or the American 
Constitution, but not both. Constitutional America and 
Marxism cannot be merged and cannot coexist. Only 
one may survive; the other must die. It is not possible for 
any Marxist to swear any oath to uphold the American 
Constitution without giving a false oath. Not an oath of 
office; not an oath of American military service; not an 
oath of naturalized citizenship; not any oath to support, 
protect or defend the US Constitution. A Marxist may not 
honestly profess the pledge of allegiance to our flag.

But then, Marxists are not honest.

Still Unsure What Marxism Is?  Find Out Here.!

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