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Genealogy - "The study or investigation of ancestry and family histories". (American Heritage Dictionary)



Whether  you are in the process of adopting a child or already have an adopted child, consider starting a family

history and genealogy record (both yours and theirs) that can be passed along as a legacy of your cultural and

family heritage.


If you are "New" to genealogy research, there are literally dozens upon dozens of web sites devoted to helping the beginner, or advanced researcher.  Many of these sites are free, and provide detailed information on tracing your family's ancestry, as well as providing links to other genealogy related sites on the Internet.


There are also numerous commercial sites offering a monthly fee based subscription, which permits you to search their records (databases), for family information. Another method is to use your browser's or service provider's search feature to look for family information on the Internet.


FYI - It is my understanding that the Mormon Church has and maintains the largest known repository of genealogy records in the world (perhaps next to the U.S. National Archives). Their "Family History" centers offer the researcher access to literally thousands of micro-films containing U.S. Census data, Civil War records, etc., as well as other genealogy information. Check your locality for this valuable research resource.


(Please Note: References to the Mormon Church Should Not be construed as an endorsement)


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Once you've made the decision to trace your family's ancestry, you need to decide on a method of recording your

findings. This can be as simple as a notebook, or as sophisticated as computer software programs. Regardless of which search method, or what type of record keeping you use, doing family history research requires patience and perseverance. 


There are numerous software programs designed to help you record and keep track of your research. Although our family uses Family Tree Maker, there are many other fine commercial programs available for you to choose from. Several others that come to mind are; Family Origins, Ultimate Family Tree, and Personal Ancestral Files (PAF - offered by the Mormon Church, also known as "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints").


In addition to these commercial packages, there are sites on the Internet that offer either free or shareware programs for you to use. The best place to start is at your local retail software dealer, or search the internet before making your purchase.


Best Wishes for an interesting and rewarding ancestral journey,

and Thanks for visiting our site.


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  Genealogy Resources on the Internet


The following site links are just a few of the many that are available;

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