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As I See It, "The Coming Catastrophic Whirlwind

Isn't A Matter Of If, But When.!"


An Editorial By C. H. Waters

Managing Editor WatersWorld


If you think it can't happen, you'd be Dead Wrong.!


Lies + Propaganda + Low Voter IQ + Media Deception + Amnesty + Atheism + Dependency = A Fundamentally Transformed America Void of Freedom, Liberty, and Prosperity.  Obama's America in 2016 will represent the final end for the Constitution, the Middle Class, and America as we know it.!

Considering recent events both in Washington D.C. and around the country, I've come to the

realization that America is being fast tracked to its eventual demise as a Constitutional Republic

by entities, both foreign and domestic. Their sole intent is the pursuit of total control and power

of America's and eventually the world's masses through a Marxist / Leninist / Socialist style of government.  With power players such as George Soros (long advocating One World Government) and the current occupant of the White House along with his cadre of Socialist / Communist advisors, who needs any outside saboteurs to assist in the destruction  of America?


Using coercion, political tactics befitting the alleyways and back streets of gangland Chicago at the height of the Depression, and a persona intended to beguile, Obama and this administration are leading this country down the garden path to eventual destruction!  Events resulting in our nation's current situation are escalating in an unfathomable manner and with increased regularity.


The most visible events were of course the shutdown of National Monuments and Parks, and the unmitigated disaster of Obamacare's Healthcare.gov website. I've come to firmly believe that Obamacare was purposely designed to fail. At some point the administration will throw up their hands and declare Obamacare un-repairable. It's at this juncture that the only way to provide healthcare to everyone is a government controlled Single Payer System. If you think that Obamacare has been a disaster, just wait and see how bad things can get with a Single Payer System. Just look at Canada's and Great Britain's healthcare systems.


These two events were in and of themselves just the tip of an iceberg that exemplify the vengeful attitude of a deceitful administration. Behind the scenes, and barely reported by Main Stream Media, were the outright humiliating confrontations between citizens and foreign tourists by Gestapo style security forces. 


The treatment of America's Military Veterans attempting to visit memorials dedicated to their valor

and sacrifice to protect the Constitution that each swore an oath to uphold, shows the disgusting contempt that the White House has toward these Patriots and Constitution.


I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and

defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform

Code of Military Justice. So help me God.


I'm sure that you've read about or possibly know someone that's a prepper. Nestled securely

behind their walls of ignorance, stupidity and apathy, millions of Obama's faithful followers drink the socialist Kool-Aid time and again, and have neither the inclination or wherewithal to prepare for a governmentally contrived or even a natural disaster.  Instead of realizing that tyranny is the name of the game, their  only concern is what the Federal government can offer them in the way of more free handouts.  Failure to realize that the recent Food Stamp (EBT Card) glitch and subsequent riots in Louisiana could possibly be a portent of things to come.


Very little has been publicized by the main street media regarding the upcoming reduction in Food Stamp Benefits run by US Department of Agriculture. The upcoming reduction may just

be the tipping point as to whether or not a family survives. If such is the case, this country will see angry citizens intent on securing food by any means necessary.


Coupled with other infringements to our Constitutionally guaranteed liberties, and continual encroachments by the current administration into virtually every aspect of our life's, such as Obamacare, excessive and outrageous government spending, NSA spying, gun control, the right to assemble, freedom of speech, religious freedom, betrayal by our elected officials, as well as the recent confrontation between the BLM and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy that is setting the stage for an uprising by Patriotic Americans, as evidenced by the support shown the Bundy family from various militia groups during this recent Nevada ranch faceoff.


Following a carefully scripted Communist / Socialist agenda for the destruction of America, Obama has time and again violated and exceeded his authority as specified in the United States Constitution. Executive orders that sidestep both Congress and The Rule of Law, emanate from the White House oval office, almost on a daily basis, further infringing the rights of this country's citizens while fomenting uncertainty among the general populace.


Obama's administration, consisting of countless numbers of liberal minded, progressive socialists answerable only to Obama, and not the electorate, is whole heartedly in sync with an agenda postulated on the Marxist / Socialist philosophy


Since local and state law enforcement will be unable to cope with outraged armed citizens that are unable to continue living under a repressive and tyrannical government administration they would demand federal assistance in putting down any type armed insurrection.  When the s**t hits the fan, you can count on Obama declaring Martial Law in the interest of public safety.

It No Longer Becomes A Matter Of If.!


May God Bless and Protect America from the Tyrannical Mad Man in the White House.

C. H. Waters - Editor and Publisher


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"The Unholy Trinity!"

The false Utopian claim that Communism / Socialism will eventually “feed all the people” and eliminate hunger from the world is the seemingly moral bait that draws in the young, the idealistic, the naive and the inexperienced. Communism does not exist, and Socialism is among the most closed, menacing, inhospitable, uncharitable and impoverishing government systems in existence.


Marxism, like Islam, is so antagonistic to the American
Constitution as to render them mutually exclusive ideas 
and ideals. One may serve Marxism or the American 
Constitution, but not both. Constitutional America and 
Marxism cannot be merged and cannot coexist. Only 
one may survive; the other must die. It is not possible for 
any Marxist to swear any oath to uphold the American 
Constitution without giving a false oath. Not an oath of 
office; not an oath of American military service; not an 
oath of naturalized citizenship; not any oath to support, 
protect or defend the US Constitution. A Marxist may not 
honestly profess the pledge of allegiance to our flag.

But then, Marxists are not honest.

Still Unsure What Marxism Is?  Find Out Here.!

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