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21 Little Known Facts About The Human Body...

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"A Must Read News Bulletin!"

The Constitutional Rights You'll Lose under Obama's Health Care Bill !!

News Bulletin.


Received Wednesday November 4, 2009, 10:45:32 AM -

Subject: A Power Grab!  "A Must Read News Bulletin!"


Someone did read the entire House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009.


Please take a few minutes and READ THIS. When finished, call you Representative and both Senators and let them know how you feel about giving away most of your rights. Then forward this to as many people as you can with the same instructions.


From Michael Connelly - Retired attorney,

Constitutional Law Instructor, Carrollton, Texas.

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Did You Know These ? ? ?

Interesting facts about the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier"

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Sanctuary Cities. . .

An unfathomable

injustice against the

American Taxpayer!

protest image.


Hoover. Truman. Eisenhower.

What Do These Three Presidents

Have In Common ?


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Broaden your Beautiful Mind's Storehouse of Information with:

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And now, The "NEW"

Voodoo Health Care

Proviso courtesy of Nancy Pelosi and Friends.


Poster Image.

"Are We Lambs

Being Lead

To Slaughter ?"

The Demise of Capitalism!


Consumers highly satisfied with the

"NEW Board Game" introduced

as a replacement for Monopoly!


Health Tip

of the Day !



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